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Saturday, April 08, 2006

my people my people

Today, me and my good friend M went to the Women's Expo in Indianapolis, IN.

If anyone is familiar with Indianapolis, they know that the Black Expo, which takes place in the summertime, is off the chain, and the biggest Black Expo in the country.

The Women's Expo is like it's country cousin they locked in the basement. It's 1/4th the size of Black Expo, and damn near 1/4th the size in quality.

I did cop some lovely sunglasses though. 7 dolla from the African man.

So anyway, when we walked up in the spot, it was pretty boring. Booths for makeup, Booths for insurance... real estate... positivity, I suppose.

Until we reached the belly of the beast.

The Hair Show Booths.

Of course you know I had my camera in tow. Let us go there, shall we?

This poor soul was the first woman I saw. I don't know if she was going for the TROPICAL feel... How Stella Blew Her Back Out... whatever... I didn't try to understand, I just shot the picture.

Note the mona lisa smile she was wearing... kinda like "i'm cute HELPMETHEYDIDTHISTOME!"

Um, this chick I kinda ran up on? I don't even think she knew I was taking the picture. However, there was a lady behind me chuckling, talkin about "yeah you kinda have to take a picture or no one will believe you!"


Okay, CLEARLY this woman was proud. She doesn't seem to be aware that she has a burned, charcoal peacock posted on her scalp.

I bet dat nigga salty.

Moving on from hair, shall we go to nails?

We were told that these ladies were being judged on who had the best nails.

You can't really see from the photo, but this woman has water in her nails... with glitter. Kinda like, those little snowglobes you get around christmas. I'm sure if she could have, she would have placed a tiny key that you turn and makes the nails play "Ms. New Booty" or something decidedly ghett-tastic.


This woman has scrabbles in her nails. NO, I didn't stutter. She literally has mini scrabble pieces in her nails. Is Scrabble the game of choice in the projects? Okay, that was wrong, but come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

This young lady was doing a Ghetto Elvira impression... or something of the sort. She had spiderwebs drawn onto the side of her face, wore some gothic outfit, and had on gothic jewelry.

If you're curious, I voted for her, simply because she was in character. Whatever... character she was going for.

The redeeming moment of the expo was Shanice "I Love Your Smile" performing...

She looked REALLY good, as you can see, and even though her performance was kinda corny, she sounded fabulous.

She sang her new song "Every Woman Dreams", and I really like it, I may have to cop it.

$14.98 on, ya'll.

So kids, even though the expo in all, was wack, the entertainment was redeeming enough.... such is life!


Blogger melette said...

It looks like you had fun. LOL!!! Man, I can't get over the water in the nails. That's deep.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Divine Ladi said...

Those nails gave me the chills. My mother always says, if your nails are that long, how do you... well, we can all finish that statement.

12:37 PM  
Blogger DramaQueen said...

wipe your....

ABoogie, what in the heck were you doing up in there?!?! That looked a HAM to 10th degree! I also think it so unsanitary to have your nails that long - ugh!

1:46 PM  

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