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Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's funny till it's you

I'm beginning to respect South Park more and more.

I remember when South Park came out, and I was intrigued by the raunchy humor and societal insight. The popularity of the show has waned a bit in the last few years, but because of recent events, South Park is back in the headlines.

First, South Park took a stand against Isaac Hayes, who had no problem when other religions were skewered and joked upon, but when scientology was the victim, he left the show.


It's funny till it's you huh.

Now, South Park took aim at Comedy Central for censoring the image of Mohammed on one of their recent episodes.

In the episode, they instead show Al Queda members portraying Jesus defecating on George Bush and the American Flag.

Why not, I say?

Now, I understand the fact that this is such a big issue with the reaction of Muslims to the Danish newspapers making a cartoon portraying Mohammed. But when I watched many of the news commentary shows, I got the impression that people felt like Muslims were being big fat babies and making much ado about nothing. In fact, people touted the 1st amendment and how people should NOT be censored, or anything of the sort.

Yet in still, after this episode aired, I saw religious zealots on news commentary shows condemning the episode and South Park's creators. These SAME religious zealots weren't cheering on the Muslims in their disgust of the portrayal of Mohammed, yet now it's a problem?

It's funny till it's you, eh?

I'm in agreement with the creators, it's all okay or none of it is okay.

and by the way, Happy Resurrection Weekend, ya'll.


Blogger Divine Ladi said...

That is so true. People always think that things that happen to others are hilarious, but as soon as the same thing happens to them, it's another story.

9:53 PM  

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