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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Watch Out For the Big Girls

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

the saga continues....

i told you it was on, didn't i?

old is the new young

So I have tried to take time and reflect on the fact that I will be 27 in T-6 days. I haven't made a big deal of my birthdays since... I was like..16 maybe? I know people who have to make big theatrical productions of their birthdays or else their world will fall upon itself.

It's a nice day but ... in reality it's just another one. I'm still in my mid-20's, still on the grind, still working through the curves that life throws me on the regular.

I'm noticing more and more nowadays that young girls are latching on to me as a mentor of some sorts.

if they only knew.

seriously though... i've been able to give them good advice as well. I can't say that I've changed much in the last few years.. i've always been pretty low-key and drama-free... sure i may have punched a chick a few years ago, and used to jump in Sigma stroll lines like it was nothing (can i do that jumpin-hoppin-spinnin stuff nowadays...NAH.)

I actually like growing up, even though being an adult SUCKS ass and if you don't believe me, ask an adult.

After all, if you look at even just celebrities, they look kinda tore up in their early years, but in their 30's and 40's they look fabulous. That's what I wanna be, a fabulous 30 year old. That's what's up. At least I have time to prepare.

Additionally, don't let anyone convince you that the older you get the more mature you get. I call shenanigans on that, and for exhibit A i point you to the 50 year old nigga at the club with the kangol and tight TODD SMITH shirt on still runnin after the lil girls.... or the 30 year old man who got 8 kids by 8 different women and still going strong.

IMO, maturity is a lifestyle choice. We all have choices to make, daily, and we could all choose to do immature things on the regular... or not. no doubt, some folks personalities lean towards mature/immature, and that's how they always have been, but that doesn't change the fact that people make choices based on their situations.

That being said... on June 14th, 2006, for everyone reading this, have a glass of Chocolate Cask & Creme for me, in the most uncelebratory way possible.