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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shoes, Glorious Shoes....

I have a deep hidden love affair with shoes.

I have never been the type to splurge on any one thing (cept for maybe chocolate, and I don't have to explain myself to you people), but my love for good shoes has been developing more and more as time passes.

Today my momma took me shopping and I purchased these shoes I picked out... which I have totally fallen in love with.

These Bandolinos stole my heart. They also match my neutral color outfits. I will have to fight myself to not rock those to church tommorow.

These open-toed Nine Wests I will be rockin at church tommorow, however:

I am looking forward to purchasing some gorgeous Espadrilles & wedges soon...

These are hot....


These, with the right outfit, can be fabulous (i'm starting to sound like Ms. Jay aren't I?)

mmmmmmmm. heaven.

Let me stop drooling.

Let's just say that ya girl will be stepping up her shoe game this summer.

It's going DOWN.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nashville Lessons

I have recently moved back to Indiana (woo woo), where my family is, and where I have recently acquired a new job. There were lots of things that I didn't appreciate about Nashville, but if anything, I can definately glean lessons that I feel I have acquired from my time there.

Oftentimes, good or bad, I tend to reflect upon a situation and try to figure out what I've learned, as I feel that life is fulla lessons. And all that cliched stuff.

So here's what I've learned from my year of residence in Nashville, TN:

- I really dislike country music 'lifestyle'. Though I can appreciate some country music, Nashville is really deep into the country music thing, and on the 5 o'clock news they'll talk about what some country music star has planted in their front yard. Who gives a crap? And why is it on some news that is supposed to be relevant?

- I don't have to fight every fight. I'm a person who loves debates, and for the most part, is pretty logical. There have been situations I've been presented with in where I could have gone on and on, kept it alive, and over what? dumbness. I think with my age, i'm starting to realize that I don't have to show someone how dumb they are constantly or pick someone apart... because regardless the world will keep a-spinnin'.

- Crazy people begat crazy people & crazy people are allergic to logic. That pretty much is self-explanatory. They say that you have to speak to people in a language they understand. And since I don't speak crazy, that limits my communication skills.

- Continue to be proud of the decisions that I make. I've made various decisions in the past few months, where I look back on them and can truly appreciate the decision I made. Some of the decisions were untimely, some were perfectly timed, but in the end, the benefit of those decisions has outweighed any initial negativity.

- God is the head of my life. There are things that have happened to me that I know God was directing, the result was just THAT amazing.

- I have great friends. The people who I became friends with (and/or) cultivated my relationship with have not let me down. They have come through when I didn't expect them to, and that will definately not end now that I'm in a different place.

I'm looking forward to starting my life with my husband in Indiana, with bigger, better and brighter things to come...I'll keep you posted. :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Hotness - April 17, 2006

Jill Scott & George Benson - Summertime

Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's funny till it's you

I'm beginning to respect South Park more and more.

I remember when South Park came out, and I was intrigued by the raunchy humor and societal insight. The popularity of the show has waned a bit in the last few years, but because of recent events, South Park is back in the headlines.

First, South Park took a stand against Isaac Hayes, who had no problem when other religions were skewered and joked upon, but when scientology was the victim, he left the show.


It's funny till it's you huh.

Now, South Park took aim at Comedy Central for censoring the image of Mohammed on one of their recent episodes.

In the episode, they instead show Al Queda members portraying Jesus defecating on George Bush and the American Flag.

Why not, I say?

Now, I understand the fact that this is such a big issue with the reaction of Muslims to the Danish newspapers making a cartoon portraying Mohammed. But when I watched many of the news commentary shows, I got the impression that people felt like Muslims were being big fat babies and making much ado about nothing. In fact, people touted the 1st amendment and how people should NOT be censored, or anything of the sort.

Yet in still, after this episode aired, I saw religious zealots on news commentary shows condemning the episode and South Park's creators. These SAME religious zealots weren't cheering on the Muslims in their disgust of the portrayal of Mohammed, yet now it's a problem?

It's funny till it's you, eh?

I'm in agreement with the creators, it's all okay or none of it is okay.

and by the way, Happy Resurrection Weekend, ya'll.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Hotness - April 11, 2006

Rebbie Jackson - "Centipede"

Saturday, April 08, 2006

my people my people

Today, me and my good friend M went to the Women's Expo in Indianapolis, IN.

If anyone is familiar with Indianapolis, they know that the Black Expo, which takes place in the summertime, is off the chain, and the biggest Black Expo in the country.

The Women's Expo is like it's country cousin they locked in the basement. It's 1/4th the size of Black Expo, and damn near 1/4th the size in quality.

I did cop some lovely sunglasses though. 7 dolla from the African man.

So anyway, when we walked up in the spot, it was pretty boring. Booths for makeup, Booths for insurance... real estate... positivity, I suppose.

Until we reached the belly of the beast.

The Hair Show Booths.

Of course you know I had my camera in tow. Let us go there, shall we?

This poor soul was the first woman I saw. I don't know if she was going for the TROPICAL feel... How Stella Blew Her Back Out... whatever... I didn't try to understand, I just shot the picture.

Note the mona lisa smile she was wearing... kinda like "i'm cute HELPMETHEYDIDTHISTOME!"

Um, this chick I kinda ran up on? I don't even think she knew I was taking the picture. However, there was a lady behind me chuckling, talkin about "yeah you kinda have to take a picture or no one will believe you!"


Okay, CLEARLY this woman was proud. She doesn't seem to be aware that she has a burned, charcoal peacock posted on her scalp.

I bet dat nigga salty.

Moving on from hair, shall we go to nails?

We were told that these ladies were being judged on who had the best nails.

You can't really see from the photo, but this woman has water in her nails... with glitter. Kinda like, those little snowglobes you get around christmas. I'm sure if she could have, she would have placed a tiny key that you turn and makes the nails play "Ms. New Booty" or something decidedly ghett-tastic.


This woman has scrabbles in her nails. NO, I didn't stutter. She literally has mini scrabble pieces in her nails. Is Scrabble the game of choice in the projects? Okay, that was wrong, but come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

This young lady was doing a Ghetto Elvira impression... or something of the sort. She had spiderwebs drawn onto the side of her face, wore some gothic outfit, and had on gothic jewelry.

If you're curious, I voted for her, simply because she was in character. Whatever... character she was going for.

The redeeming moment of the expo was Shanice "I Love Your Smile" performing...

She looked REALLY good, as you can see, and even though her performance was kinda corny, she sounded fabulous.

She sang her new song "Every Woman Dreams", and I really like it, I may have to cop it.

$14.98 on, ya'll.

So kids, even though the expo in all, was wack, the entertainment was redeeming enough.... such is life!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Hotness - April 3rd, 2006

Crystal Kay - "Kirakuni"

MJ Throwback: Don't Just Leave me Alone

You remember that song by MJ... that horrible... grammatically incorrect titled song "Don't Just leave me alone"..... I'm feeling some kinda way about that song right about now.

Lemme be a bit more specific.

Now, I admit, I have become a blog/website jumper. They just keep callin me man. I got these cheeeeseburgers

So I've joined these random sites that have blogs, I post and then I abandon them with posthaste. As evidenced by my dead blogs... R.I.P Xanga.... R.I.P. Yahoo blog at myspace is in a coma. Even just websites that I was a member, with my lil picture and my little cute information about myself... R.I.P. Facebook... R.I.P and GOOD Riddance BlackPlanet.... R.I.P. Hi-5.....

but seemingly, no matter where I have been, I still am not immune from RIDICULOUS private messages/instant messages.... most of them containing soliliquies on how beautiful I am and can I 'holla at a playa'.... Let's just IGNORE the fact that I am listed as married, and generally post pictures up with me and my husband....

por ejemplo:

From Myspace today:
From: prince
Date: Apr 3, 2006 10:55 AM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]
Subject: hey sexy
Body: pretty cant discribe how beautiful u are, u are one of a kind. how u doing today, just saw ur pic n i think u are a nice gurl n God took extra time wen he was creating u. well im Prince Asa by name from the Bronx NY. just wanna get to know u so if u dont mine halla back at me ok stay kool n keep sweet as ever been.

Are you f'n SERIOUS!!!! Someone please send him a 1 way ticket back to Zamunda.

Or this gem:
From: Jackqus

Date: Mar 31, 2006 8:49 AM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]
Subject: Just Because
Body: Just wanted to say that you look very sexy!!!

...and your point would be? Let us note additionally, that in all of my pictures I am fully clothed. For the women who post half naked pics of themselves, with their asses in the camera shakin it like they are making e-money, I can only imagine how many PMs you get...but I guess you're doing it for that purpose, huh.

Let us move on to the more high-brow (please catch the facetiousness) Hi-5:

Send to Trash

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Report Spam

Block User
From Jason
To Amber
Date 2-18-2006 2:37 PM
Subject hello
i would love to lay you on your stomach and lick your entire ass

How special is that? And raggedy. Sooooo Alice the Goon from Popeye wants to lick my ass. Special. THAT in itself, makes me feel special.

Let me note that this fool had sent me a PM before, and apparently didn't get the hint when he didn't get a response:

Send to Trash

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Block User
From Jason
To Amber
Date 12-30-2005 8:51 PM
Subject wow, i think i love you
you are a hottie

I am not a hottie. I KNOW how to cook my chicken, thank you kindly.

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Block User
From Mitch
To Amber
Date 10-20-2005 3:16 PM
Subject hi
Hey what up tell me lot about you cause by looking arround i've seen your pic and i tell my self there are still wonderful american girls in Tennesse if you want to we could stay in touch.
waiting for your answer.

See ya

What is THIS shit! Obviously, Mitch is still waiting. Most likely, for his green card.

I have the sinking feeling that if I posted on any of these sites that I was married with 8 kids, i'd still get the obligatory "you're HOT, wanna get together?" private messages. WHY? There are PLENTY of low self-esteem having broads on these sites who flash their boobs for the camera, and try their best to post sexily for the camera, with it placed purposefully close to their vaginas.

Stay in your lane!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Celebreality: Flavor of Love Reunion

So, with all the stress that is going on my life, I can't wait to see the Flavor of Love reunion.

It's kind of like, watching a bad car accident when you should keep driving, but you can't stop watching it, just in case you see someone bloody being pulled out the car. (Sick, ain't it?)

I live in complete duplicity when it comes to the "Flavor Of Love"Spit.

1. New York deserved to be spit on.
2. Pumpkin was a lame white girl who shoulda known that you don't spit on someone until you are DONE wooping their ass.
3. New York deserves to beat Pumpkin at least in her boob for such an indiscretion.
4. I don't like New York, though.
5. Why can't I stop watching this show?
6. Why am I mad the show is over?

It truly is a guilty pleasure, as we all know that no one wants Flava Flav's ass, it's all about getting famous. But then again, what if love came out of it? that COULDA happened (not).

As most of us who followed the show know now, Hoopz has gone on to revel in her 15 minutes of fame w/o a thought of Flav, and Flav, has already signed on for his 2nd season of Flavor of Love, to look for some more hoes he can fugg on his show while they are in desperate search of fame.

Can we be mad at either party, as they both have provided us with such entertainment?

I can't give you an answer on that one. However, don't miss the Flavor of Love Reunion show, tonight on VH1!