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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Being Grown

I want to preface this by saying that I wasn't going to blog about this but eh.. it's on my mind, I have the time, why not?

The other day I was listening to this afternoon show on the local 'hip hop/R&B' station and the host decided instead of doing his usual mindless answer-these-questions-but-if-you-get-them-wrong-
imma-hang-up-on-you-and-embarrass-you game to discuss the Dateline Pedophile series of stories.

These stories concerned the host a lot, it seemed, and what concerned him even more was that when he opened the lines up for people to call in with their opinions, a girl who identified herself as 15 years old (Keisha, btw) decided to speak her mind.

Here's pretty much how the call went:
Keisha:Hey, this me.
DJ: Okay say what you have to say..
Keisha: okay um.. it's like this... if I wanna do whoeva I wanna do, imma do it, yanno what i'm sayin, and can't nobody do nothin about it..
DJ: You do know it's against that's against the law right?
Keisha: yeah I know but I don't care, imma do what imma do
DJ: So you say you have had sex with an older man before?
Keisha: Yeah...he was 33..and I'd do it again
DJ: ummm.. alright.. thanks for your call

SO... I could sit here and ask the eternal question... WHY? But I already know why. Especially in this day and age, kids think they can do and say anything they want w/o consequences...and the parents (i use this term loosely) LET this happen... why people don't want to act like parents anymore, I don't really know. I don't wanna say it's people being lazy cause.. laziness is not a brand new social construct. Perhaps it is more acceptable to be lazy with your parenting? Maybe.

But teenage girls in particular... (teenage boys too, but im gonna speak on what I have experienced. as I was once a teenage girl) think they know everything and believe that any rules or regulations put to them is chokingly unfair. Unless the teenage girl is mature for her age (MENTALLY!)then most likely she is going to do some things w/o really weighing out the consequences.

This girl Keisha who called in to this show thinks she's grown. It makes me wonder why no one has told Keisha that since she thinks she is so grown and can do what she want, she can pack herself a lil bag with all her shit and go get herself a job and an apartment. Let that suck-ass adult life settle and see how fast she runs back to mommy talkin about she sorry and she didn't realize....Being an adult is NOT the hotness. Though I can't quite say I would wish for my childhood back, I recognize how much easier I had it as a child.

I say all this to say.. bring back corporal punishment.

just kidding.



Blogger melette said...

Keisha needs an ass whipping.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous MLG said...

mmm...back when corporal punishment was allowed in schools and the "it takes a village" mentality was still acceptable, the problems we have today w/ young ladies were not nearly as prevalent as they are today. I am a mother of a 4 year old and I give all of those around me permission to put my child in place when she is out of line!!! Parents don't love their kids like they use too!!!

6:32 AM  
Blogger DramaQueen said...

kids are little people...with opinions and the gift of free will like the rest of us..but where the hell are parents? And why has no one taught her to value herself and that whatever she feels when she gives it all away is only temporary? *SMH* God bless the fools and the children...

3:22 PM  

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