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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Okay so I'm back from my blogger hiatus.

It wasn't really a hiatus, per se'... nothing but pure laziness to come post again... but I'm back and that's all that matters so shut up and thanks.

What's on my mind right now are PEOPLE.

I should have been a psychologist or something because the human mind works so in such an interesting way. It is predictable, but it isn't. It is logical, but it doesn't have to be. It is complicated but can be very simple. All depending on the person.

The human being can be very selective. As in...they can tell you everything that is wrong with you, have the very SAME or similar problems with themselves, and never see it, nor want to hear it.

You know what irks me? When people cease being real. The people who are fine until something rocks the boat.. until some drama comes along, and then they want to retreat... as if something else dramatic won't come their way in the very near future.

I am not advocating people WANTING to live with drama or LOOKING for drama... however, realistically, drama happens. Shit happens. There is nothing anyone can do about that when being social with other humans.

So in turn, to be dramatic and withdraw yourself from a situation that may have a little drama to it is highly unrealistic in my opinion. Unless you want to live under a rock for the rest of your life and not interact with ANYONE, you need to deal with it.

Once again, I'm not talking about random ass, over-the-top drama. I'm talking about LIFE.

That really irks me about some people. In fact, people who live at either spectrum irk me. Meaning, people who refuse to deal with things irk me,and people who are overly dramatic ALL THE TIME irk me.

I don't know.. just venting.

Anyway, I should be back, at least for a little while... :)